Augmented Capabilities, with AI and ML learning experience platform

To provide continuous and augmented learning for all educators

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Skill-Augmentation In Response

Elevate Your Potential, Empowering Futures with Continuous Learning Experience

Learning Experience

dynamic and interactive experience for users, and fostering ongoing connections

Artificial Intelligence

provide adaptive, personalized, enhance engagement, and improve outcomes

Continuous Delivery

ongoing improvement, agility, and responsiveness to the needs of educators


timely and specific feedback to educators on their progress, and performance

Collaborative space to create social learning experience

 360LXP provide a modern, flexible, and learner-centric approach to learning and development, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment

Course Creation

Create courses and training content easily using our intuitive Authoring tool with over 10 ready to use interactive templates

Learning Pathways

Set up learning pathways and completion criteria to guide learners

Collaborative Space

Collaborate on projects, send messages, and work with your team

Virtual Sessions

One-on-one or group sessions via any conferencing tool.

ML Recommendations

Recommended training sessions
Trusted by the world’s best

Skills Augmentation
on employees and educators with
no infrastructure investment

by procuring resources in response to a business solutioning project / product. Skill-aug firms promote their ability to recruit and place candidates with specific skillsets that a client company needs for a finite period of time

  • More Life-Long Learning
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Adaptibility
  • Augmented Resources

How it works?

12,000+ unique online course list designs powered by AI and machine learning


Browse or build your courses easily


Invite your champions, and track the performance


That’s it! You created your academy from scratch

Courses taught by industry leaders around the world

You get the support of highly experienced and qualified professionals for the specific period of time your business needs them.

360LXP provides the opportunity to hire resources with those niche and hard to find skills and nurture them within the organization.

Upskilling , enhancing and customizing

Enhanced Engagement and Motivation

Tailored learning paths and collaborative tools within 360LXP foster higher engagement levels among employees. The platform's intuitive interface and personalized recommendations keep learners motivated throughout their training journey

Customized Learning Experiences

Leveraging AI-powered personalization, 360LXP provides customized learning paths, catering to individual strengths, preferences, and development needs. This personalized approach ensures more effective skill development and knowledge retention

Imrpoved Decision-Making

Robust analytics and reporting tools offer insights into learning effectiveness. Administrators can track learner progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize training strategies

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Beat Your Competitors and Reach Your Goals Faster

with 360LXP firms promote their ability to recruit and place candidates with specific skillsets that a client company needs for a finite period of time.